Who we are

Technological intervention is shaping the way companies do their business in Nepal just like in any other countries. Companies are always in search of right technological product or service to enhance their business and add value to their consumers.

We are young company established in the year 2017 but deeply rooted to the legacy of nearly a semi-millennial old company, ICTC group, that has served the Nepalese market through every thick and thins. We work very close to the market in understanding the technological requirements of the companies and consult them on the right solution. We eventually support in linking to a right technological product or services provided by world-class companies.

As we are well-versed with the Nepalese market dynamics and the comprehension of the company’s need, we consult the aspiring solution providers stationed around the globe on market entry strategies, business execution and growth.

Our identity is strongly built on the foundation of simplifying business developments at both the ends.

Why Us?

We are the One-Stop- Solution for any principal companies in Nepal or around the globe who sees Nepal as its strategic footprint for their organizational growth.

Our extensive Public Relation; Industry know-how and Value that we offer through professional service to the principal companies as well as to the Nepalese horizon which we inherited and developed over 3 decades puts us a step ahead than the rest.

 Also put our success stories to solidify our status.