Value Added Services (VAS)

While the telecom operators’ revenue is shrinking from the main stream business, VAS services is what they are seeking to keep their financial health intact. We’ve thus, forged into the VAS domain by catering services through our own product as well as by partnering with companies who see VAS as a prospect in the Nepalese market. This holds true beyond telcos. Some of the VAS services we provide through our partners are:

Challenges Arena offers an immersive experience for gamers to play and compete with friends on quizzes and various theme-based challenges with a real-time rank and leader-board to win prizes

We have partnered with one of the pioneer and undisputed global leaders in providing tones (Ring Back Tones) service in partnership with telecom operators. We deliver and manage this mobile value-added services platform with an outstanding music catalogue and flexibility that drives increased adoption amongst subscribers

Our partner’s innovative mobile contest platform features a huge content library, instant gratification, fair winner selection and real prizes. This contest offering encourages user trial, helps users develop interest, relevance and loyalty


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