Our Partners

Partner for financial services catering to BFI segment.

Refinitiv (UK-Previously Thomson Reuters)

Considered as the most stable sector in Nepal, BFI is highly regulated by NRB and its services like in any other countries is very sensitive to Nepal too.

Our partnership with Refinitiv is not just about today but a genesis for last 2 decades since we partnered with Reuters and stayed intact with us despite multiple acquisitions, providing financial services to the BFI sector in Nepal. We know the acquisitions, providing financial services to the BFI sector in Nepal. We know the industry better and over the years, we have diversified into unique service portfolio that is vital to the industry.

Website :: Refinitiv 

Technology Partner for A2P (Application-To-Person messaging) business. 

Value First Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.

Though SMS was considered as first ever data service introduced in the year 1992 itself, its only in recent years that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are focusing on A2P messaging to increase their ARPU. A2P has transformed the way companies interact with their employees or customers/consumers whether it is in terms of transaction notification; alerts; marketing communications and so on and so forth.

This is no different in Nepal as the A2P market is increasing day by day. We’ve thus partnered with one of the leading A2P business house in India which has international base and catering its services in many countries. We have an ambition to become a major aggregator catering to all possible industries providing faster-simpler-reliable service driven by sound technology in affordable price.

Website :: Value First Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. 


Partner for internet content filtering platform business.

Ekaga Futuristics Pvt. Ltd.

For ISPs/NSPs or even Telcos, content filtering or safe internet solution has been essential due to policies imposed by the government in Nepal. Further, due to the mobile penetration in every young hands, safe browsing is a buzz in house-hold level in recent years. In partnership with Ekaga, we’ve brought a proven technology to address the issues in Nepalese market.  Website :: Ekaga Futuristics Pvt. Ltd.

Partner for mobile contest to carter to entertainment domain.

OnMobile Global Limited

With the inclining mobile penetration and data usage in Nepal, telcos are counting on its revenue through VAS providers. Further, mobile based entertainment business has been ever increasing with young population embracing recent than ever before.  In order to carter to the need of young consumers, we’ve partnered with OnMobile which has its proven base in many international countries entertaining the youth population. Website ::  OnMobile Global Limited

XGen Plus

Xgenplus is an enterprise email server for the global market, supporting millions of users with a unique capability to provide EAI (Email Address Internationalization) i.e Linguistic Email Address like संपर्क@एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत (Email address in Hindi) on Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) . It supports all basic & advanced facilities like pop, imap, webmail, calendar, contacts, SMS, scheduling, security, auto downgrading and more. , making Xgenplus one of the Most Advanced Email Server. Website ::  Xgen plus