Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman

Genesis of Infocom Solutions Pvt. Ltd (ISPL) back in August 2017 was quite strategic to the entire ICTC group of companies, spinning it off from a department that was involved in representation and liaison business for telecommunication industry for more than 2 decades. It was indeed significant in our business portfolio. Nonetheless, it is an extension of our ambition that oversees beyond telecommunication industry representation to touch base with any potential business that touches information and communication technology (ICT) domain necessary to any other industries.

Our passion and dedicated service to the technology domain has always remained steadfast despite the obvious odds in different times. In fact, we are geared up than ever before amidst the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 that has shattered the economy of the country, shaken the confidence of the corporate houses and eroded the life and livelihood of many Nepalese. Unfortunately, uncertainty still exist as we extend our deep condolences to the departed soul and the individuals who’s lost the near and dear ones.

We ever believed in putting our endeavor and making our fair share of contribution working incessantly in empowering the nation through technological intervention. Thus, we pledge to keep the momentum intact of transferring technology partnering with overseas principal companies and see Nepal as potential business destination; We pledge to partner with any domestic companies  whose business philosophies are aligned to join hands to springboard the country in digital transformation; We pledge to invest more in technology trading and software development as we move ahead which we see as a necessity at this juncture than ever before.

In our journey ahead, we will keep scanning the technological market in constant basis; Evolve continuously and consistently and serve the Nepalese horizon being a genuine technological corporate house.

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