Business Consulting

Business Consulting

It’s always important to do a business with right company either from home or abroad that understands the core necessity and is ready to go extra mile in providing a right solution. While there could be global technological leaders in providing solutions to the global corners yet are unaware of the Nepalese market dynamics. We approach those right matches and scrutinize to details in a hunt to a specific solution provider. 

In order to enter the market for these aspiring company, we provide consulting in multiple vertices as their local partner company. Our journey begins from the mutual ambition to serve the B2B clients from the very first day until the business ambition is well accomplished. 

For our solution partners: We strategically help them penetrate, execute and support in business expansion for a long-term perspective.

For our clients: We educate them with right product and services and help them do a business with right companies from here or abroad.

Value entities are:

Our representation is primarily based on our unparallel market intelligence, rich connection and unrivalled professionalism. This legacy remains intact and is still an integral part of our organizational culture that our human assets breathe even today.

This has enabled us to proudly represent over 35 partner companies and helped them secure over 30 projects in Nepal till date. 

In order to execute the technological solutions for our partner companies, it very often requires incorporation with domestic IT services. Based on our market knowledge and expertise, we help provide IT services and necessary advices to our partner company so that their solution is embedded with reliable IT services for project implementation.

While our partners would be competent in providing their solution and executing it, the nature of project could be a turnkey one. This need to insource or incorporate products and services from other suppliers too.

We help our partner companies link to right outsourcing partners who are credible enough to understand the project scopes and execute as necessary.

One of the significant components to price and supply the solution for our partner companies is logistic services. We have our unparallel experience to analyze the logistic requirements and connection to right logistic companies. We thus professionally bridge the requirement in providing value to our partner company so that they can focus in provisioning right solution to the Nepalese market.

In order to enter the Nepalese market, knowing the domestic financial dynamics and policies are immensely important which ultimately helps our partner company’s financial health from the Nepalese geography. We work closely with our partner company so that the capital flow in and out is as per the government set policies and hassle free.