about us

From the bartering of goods in ancient civilizations to the establishment of organized markets and trading routes, trading has played a fundamental role in shaping human history and shaping global commerce. Throughout the ages, trading has evolved and adapted to macro-environmental conditions, but its fundamental principles remain essential in facilitating economic activity and fostering connections between people and nations.

Trading in Nepal has ancient roots, dating back to the time of the Silk Road and the exchange of goods along the trans-Himalayan trade routes. The country's geographical location, nestled between India and China, has historically made it a hub for regional trade and commerce. Continuing the legacy of ICTC’s group into trading business, ISPL has been involved in importing technological products or services for more than a decade both in B2B and B2C domain.

Over the years, ISPL has engaged in the trading of various goods, particularly Routers, Switches, and CPEs, predominantly serving ISPs and Telcos. However, the company has also extended its reach to the B2C market, offering these products to individual consumers, with the exception of Switches. Furthermore, ISPL has introduced modern devices such as Slypods, targeting the burgeoning enthusiasm of young individuals for photography and travel. With the dedicated trading professionals onboard, ISPL is poised to add more value to its present portfolio of products and services.