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ELearning Platform Management

ISPL's partnership with Cedro, an esteemed organization based in Delhi, India, marks a significant step towards enhancing eLearning capabilities through the adoption of SkillSoft's eLearning Management Platform. SkillSoft, renowned globally as a leader in eLearning solutions, offers a comprehensive platform designed to empower organizations in effectively managing and delivering learning programs.

Today, ISPL's clientele includes prominent entities such as BFIs like Himalayan Bank, NMB, and Highland Distillery, a leading liquor manufacturer in Nepal. The growing interest from other sectors underlines the increasing recognition of the value of eLearning solutions in upskilling their human assets and raising their performance eventually.

As an organization committed to providing diverse services, ISPL places great importance on knowledge acquisition and dissemination. The eLearning Management Platform from SkillSoft represents a valuable addition to ISPL's offerings, enabling clients to access best-in-class learning solutions tailored to their specific needs. By bringing these cutting-edge solutions to the Nepalese market, ISPL reaffirms its dedication to fostering continuous learning and professional development across various industries.